5 Health Benefits Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is one of the best activities that you can engage in during your leisure time. The good thing with skateboarding is that it provides health benefits even as you enjoy the activity. If you are yet to master skateboarding, these skateboard videos can help learn and start working out. Here are numerous health benefits that you can enjoy when skateboarding.

How skateboarding helps in improving your general health

Relieves stresssdcAszdcd

One leading cause of stress is the lack of physical activity. As a physical activity, skateboarding can help you reduce stress. When you engage in skateboarding, you free your mind hence reduces stress. You can use skateboarding as a replacement for the traditional forms of reducing stress such as therapy counseling. It is a natural way of relieving stress, and thus you will not experience any side effect.

Helps in burning calories

If you are having trouble with burning excess calories, then you should try skateboarding. This physical activity offers a natural way of burning calories from your body. This means that you get to maintain good body health when engaging in skateboarding. You can stop using pills in your quest to burn calories and opt for this natural method. In a single hour, you can shred about 340 calories.

Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease

Heart diseases are life-threatening to many people. There are various ways of reducing the risk of a coronary heart disease with skateboarding as one of the best ways. Regular skateboarding reduces one’s triglyceride levels, which is quite important in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. It also helps in increasing the body’s “good” cholesterol, which ensures that you maintain a healthy body.

Helps with depression

sdvfDFAWDFASDcBeing idle can be a great source of depression. This is because you get enough time to think about things that will eventually cause you a great deal of depression. This is why skateboarding is a useful activity that can help you deal with depression. Since it keeps your mind busy, you will not get time to think of things that can cause you depression. As a physical activity, skateboarding is a natural treatment for depression.

Improves coordination

One of the silent health problems that many people have is the lack of proper coordination between major body organs. You can use skateboarding as an activity that will help you in improving coordination between your eyes, legs, and arms. Improved coordination will help you handle other things in a better way. For example, you get the ability to multitask well with improved coordination skills.

Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

Workout Mistakes Beginners Make

Fitness training has become such a craze that people are showing unprecedented interest towards it. Everyone wants to stay fit and look good. Emphasis on appearance in the recent times is another reason why staying fit and in shape has become all the more important. Not only the youngsters and fitness buffs, even middle-aged adults are either signing up with a gym or hiring a personal trainer to achieve their fitness goals. Sometimes these are unrealistic, at other times these become too distant and unattainable. These are the four workout mistakes beginners make that you should avoid.

Workout Blunders Newbies Make

Not Setting Fixed Achievable Targetsksnvkndksnvksdnvkndvksnvdnvknvnsnvksndvknkvnsnvkdvsdvsd

Most people, in their rush, to get fit and healthy too fast, set unrealistic and almost impossible goals. Weight loss can be taken as an example of this attitude. Since a slim and trim body is something everyone craves for, often people tend to believe in programs like losing weight in a week. They forget that permanent weight loss while maintaining a good health can never be achieved in such short time.

Incorrect Workout Techniques

This is another common mistake. More often than not people tend to overdo things to get a healthy body as fast as possible. Beginners, those who are just starting out are more susceptible to this mistake. They want to have a sculpted body with bulging biceps and six pack abs and forget in the process that everyone is not equally capable of doing everything alike. If you fall into this category, it is good for you to know that lifting weights beyond capacity, or training hard even after being completely exhausted can be very harmful to the body. Even a slightly incorrect posture while doing an exercise can prove to be detrimental.

Not Getting Adequate Rest

Take breaks in your training regimen. Working your heart out will give you desired results only when you let your body relax. Over-stressing yourself can produce adverse effects. If you get hurt while training you should give your body the time to recover from it. Continuing to exercise despite a sprain or a tear in the muscle can make the pain more lingering.

Warm Up – Cool down

These are as important as your exercise itself. There is a reason why your personal trainer always insists on doing some warm up before you begin to workout. Warm up increases your body and muscle temperature, thereby preparing it for some high energy workout. Cool down essentially brings back your temperatures to average.