Prohibited Items At Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

Drug and alcohol treatment centers offer highly focused forms of treatment. These centers prohibit certain items from being brought into their facilities. Since addicts are in a high state of distress, they may bring some items, which are prohibited. In such a case, a patient with such items may be expelled from the treatment center. Thus, it is necessary to know items that are disallowed when checking into a rehab center.

What is not allowed at a detox center


Weaponstg3wed6fyw7edu82i2o22 such as knives, baseball bats, batons, stun guns, mace, and other items, which are meant to inflict bodily harm or are not permitted at any particular detox facility. Moreover, items that are not particularly designed to weapons but can cause bodily harm are also prohibited. This includes box cutters, razors, penknives, multi-tools, ratchets, and other tools that can pose a threat to the patients.

Pornographic materials

You should note that these types of materials do not have a place in a detox center. The main focus is on abstinence and dealing with symptoms of the Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. These types of materials can be quite offensive to the staff and other patients. Moreover, in other cases, it can be illegal in certain areas.

Hate materials

Any material, which can express a message of hate are not permitted at drug and alcohol treatment centers. This may include expression, clothing, posters, drawings, or picture with hateful ideation. Items of hateful nature can be counter-productive to the success of Detox Plans. Moreover, they can create an environment of isolation and fear, which is an opposite type of environment that the majority of detox centers try to have.

Expired medications

Medications that are not specifically prescribed or expired ones are not permitted in a detox. Professional doctors evaluate medications you need. Medications that are about to expire will also not be accepted until a medical evaluation is done.

Household items of abuse

If a substtg2wedfc6ywed7u28i22ance has a potential to be abused, then it probably is not allowed at the detox center. Items that contain alcohol like mouthwash and other items, which addict abuse are not allowed. If you truly need such items, it is advisable to work with an assigned therapist to acquire them.

Clothing and memorabilia

You should note that detox centers do not promote drug or alcohol abuse. They will not allow their patients to do either. Shirts, jackets, hats, and other forms of clothing, which advertise drug or alcohol consumption or glorify consumption are prohibited.