Top Tips To Successfully Undertake Calisthenics

Top Tips To Successfully Undertake Calisthenics

Calisthenics are exercises that target motor skills, or rather the movement patterns and abilities that your body develops as you grow and mature. Typically, calisthenics consists of body weight exercises and can be used for a wide variety of functions such as increasing strength and flexibility as well as contributing to overall health and wellness. Partaking in this physical activity can lead to not only muscular and cardiovascular conditioning but also an improvement in neuromuscular skills. Listed below are my top tips to undertake calisthenics successfully.

Tips to successfully undertake calisthenics

Start slow

While some individuals may use calisthenics as a fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgwarm up to more intense exercise sessions, you still need to warm up before partaking in calisthenics. The idea here is to increase blood flow to the muscles all while slowly increasing heart rate until you are ready to begin more intense exercise. This will lower your risk of injury.

Do not static stretch before calisthenics

One of the old fitness adages is to static stretch before partaking in physical activity. However, you should warm up dynamically before static stretching. Stretching or elongating a muscle while it is cold can increase your risk of injury as well as hinder your performance. Examples of dynamic stretching include body weight walking lunges, high knees, and butt kicks.

Superset your exercises

Once you are warmed up, and your heart rate is elevated it is time to up the intensity. One of the best ways to do this is to perform a superset or rather a set that includes one exercise followed by another exercise before resting. Some of the most effective superset methods include push and pull, upper and lower squats among others.

Give Circuits a Try

Circuits can be a great way to increase intensity and keep your heart rate elevated for the more advanced individuals. A circuit could consist of several different exercises completed for a certain time or rep count with or without a rest. Below is an Example:

xfdgdfgdfgdfggfThree rounds: Jumping Jacks- 30 seconds
Pushups- 15 reps
Pull-ups- 15 reps
Body Weight Squats- 15 reps
One minute rest (optional)


If you are looking for new ways to keep yourself active, CalisthenicsBlog is where to start your journey. It is important to start slow, let your body adapt, and then do your best to increase your exercise intensity as your body permits. Don’t forget always to listen to your body and take breaks when necessary! Calisthenics offer you the best